Saturday | 28th August 2021
(8pm - 11 pm)

When you lose control of one thing after another, how do you get a grip to move forward?

The world that you live in today is unlike any other before.

You start to survive instead of living. You stopped discovering the joy in anything.

You suppress reality to help you cope when it is what makes you human.

To get going, let’s rebuild your frame of mind to lead a better life

Session 1

Ustazah Liyana Musfirah

(CEO & Founder Liyana Musfirah Network)

Reclaiming spiritual strength amidst pains, losses, and confusions

What are the ways to redha and tawakkal without invalidating our physical, mental and spiritual hardships?

Session 2

Ustaz Syaari Ab. Rahman

(Pengasas & Tenaga Pengajar Tadabbur Centre)

Mencari Kebahagiaan Dalam Ketidaksempurnaan

Bagaimana mengambil hikmah dari kisah anbiya' dalam membina kembali kekuatan diri?

Session 3

Dr Hazreen Abdul Rashid

(Psychiatrist, Psychiatry Department, Hosp Selayang, Community Mental Health Centre (Pusat Kesihatan Mental Masyarakat - MENTARI) Selayang Activist)

Rebuilding Psychological Strength As A Way To Reclaim The Future

Recognising things that we can and cannot in times of crisis and how to avoid punishing ourselves in the process.

Session 4

Profesor Datuk Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj

Profesor O&G dan Pendidikan Perubatan (Pengajaran Klinikal)
Fakulti Perubatan UKM, Pengasas dan Pengarah Akademi Dr Har

Makna Sebuah Tawakal & Ketenangan Dalam Membina Impian

Berteduh sejenak demi mengenali diri dan merancang semula hidup, dalam menelusuri kepahitan krisis dan pandemik

Session 5

Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil

Educator & Author

Hanya Gerhana
Bukan Tenggelam Matahari

Bagaimana untuk terus beriman dengan janji Allah dan mempercayai di setiap kesusahan pasti ada kesenangan?

*All sessions will be conduct both in English and Malay.

What will you get from this live webinar?

  • Curated content delivered in three hours by 5 established speakers and best-selling authors with various expertise in seerah, education, spiritual well-being, and psychology
  • A new thinking framework that will help build your spiritual strength in bracing challenges in a pandemic-ridden world
  • Two weeks full access to the recording of the session and live notes throughout the live session.






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